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Samstag, 03. Jun 2023
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E-Learning for schools

Members Only – the project area

The project area can contain an unlimited number of virtual classrooms – here only the teachers and students with the correct authorisation may enter. These protected areas – along with the easily uploadable learning content with both text and images – also contain further interactive modules like discussion forums, pinboards and document depots to further enhance and support modern teaching methods.

Student cooperation and social integration are encouraged and fostered.

Project Area within SchoolCMS

Learning at home online

An additional option is for students and teachers to work from home through a secure connection to SchoolCMS. This is possible because SchoolCMS is a solely server-based software. The client computer requires no additional installed software – not even any browser plug-ins or extensions.

A simple, standards compliant web browser is all you need. SchoolCMS can be used on any PC, Mac or Linux-based computer.

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